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[Picture of the congregation] Research Links

Listed below are some links to useful resources on the web. We hope that at least some of these will be useful to you.
A searchable online Bible containing many different versions.
Blue Letter Bible
Another searchable online Bible containing many different versions. Also includes Hebrew and Greek text.
An online Bible site for the visually impaired.
Searching for Truth video
An online, downloadable version of a DVD. If you would like a copy of this DVD, please e-mail Eric and we would be happy to provide you a copy at no cost to you.
This site provides an overview of the church of Christ and includes a large, world-wide directory of congregations. Note: Each congregation of the Church is autonomous and therefore a site such as this which attempts to represent the beliefs and practices of all congregations will fall short. While there is some excellent information on this site, since we have no control over the content of this site we make no endorsment of the site. If you are curious about any statements on, we will be happy to discuss it with you and share the prevailing belief at our congregation regarding whatever the topic may be.