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Our Sunday morning sermons are now available for download online. You can access them as a podcast at (RSS Feed) using a podcast receiver such as Juice or individually via the links below. The podcast link is also a valid RSS feed so you can retrieve the files via your favorite RSS client.

DateTitlePresented ByAudio
02/10/2019Open Doors!Eric SniderMP3
02/03/2019Covington in the News (Part 2)Eric SniderMP3
01/27/2019Covington in the NewsEric SniderMP3
01/20/2019Turn from Worthless ThingsEric SniderMP3
01/13/2019No Podcast Today 
01/06/2019The Disciples Were Filled with Joy!Eric SniderMP3
12/30/2018I Have Made You a Light!Eric SniderMP3
12/23/2018Pattern Your Life after Paul!Eric SniderMP3
12/16/2018Can Garrard Street Be Like the Church in Acts?Eric SniderMP3
12/09/2018Do You Have What You Need?Eric SniderMP3
12/02/2018Are You Glad?Eric SniderMP3
11/25/2018Will You Feed the Hungry?Eric SniderMP3
11/18/2018The Perfect TimeRyan OwensMP3
11/11/2018Be Memorable to GodEric SniderMP3
11/04/2018Thanksgiving for Jesus ChristEric SniderMP3
10/28/2018The Church Had PeaceEric SniderMP3
10/21/2018Kicking Against the GoadsEric SniderMP3
10/14/2018Go and Proclaim the Good NewsEric SniderMP3
10/07/2018Is Thy Heart Right with God?Eric SniderMP3
09/30/2018The Laying On of the Apostles' HandsEric SniderMP3
09/23/2018Opposition AroseEric SniderMP3
09/16/2018The Glorious Church!Eric SniderMP3
09/09/2018Great Fear Came Over the Whole ChurchEric SniderMP3
09/02/2018We Cannot Stop SpeakingEric SniderMP3
08/26/2018What I Do Have I Give YouEric SniderMP3
08/19/2018A Template for Church GrowthEric SniderMP3
08/12/2018How Important Is It?Jay NobleMP3
08/05/2018Call On the Name of the Lord!Eric SniderMP3
07/29/2018The Kingdom and the Holy SpiritEric SniderMP3
07/22/2018Being a ServantSteve LilesMP3
07/15/2018The Good Shepherd (2 of 2)Eric SniderMP3
07/08/2018Jesus, the Good Shepherd (1 of 2)Eric SniderMP3
07/01/2018The History of God's People: A Salvation StoryRyan OwensMP3
06/24/2018Are You Doing What God Asks you to Do?Jay NobleMP3
06/17/2018Jesus The Great Teacher (2)Eric SniderMP3
06/10/2018Jesus The Great TeacherEric SniderMP3
06/03/2018Jesus the Great ServantEric SniderMP3
05/27/2018Jesus the Great GiverEric SniderMP3
05/20/2018What the Bible Says About ForgivenessEric SniderMP3
05/13/2018Forgive 77 TimesEric SniderMP3
05/06/2018The Other Side of the CoinJerry ClarkMP3
04/29/2018Jesus in Revelation 22:13 & 16Eric SniderMP3
04/22/2018A Brother's ReactionEric SniderMP3
04/15/2018The Father Who RunsEric SniderMP3
04/08/2018The Man in the MirrorEric SniderMP3
03/25/2018My Favorite Part is When He Died on the CrossEric SniderMP3
03/18/2018What IfJames NobleMP3
03/11/2018Jesus & the Leftovers!Eric SniderMP3
03/04/2018No Podcast Today 
02/25/2018Jesus & the Woman Caught in AdulteryEric SniderMP3
02/18/2018Jesus Always Did the Right ThingRyan OwensMP3
02/11/2018The Zeal of JesusEric SniderMP3
02/04/2018Prostitutes in the KingdomEric SniderMP3
01/28/2018Seeing What's Right in Front of YouEric SniderMP3
01/21/2018Jesus' Greatest SermonEric SniderMP3
01/14/2018Come, Follow MeEric SniderMP3
01/07/2018What Is Your Story?Eric SniderMP3