Garrard Street News

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The congregation that meets at 218 Garrard Street is made up of people from many different walks of life. One of the distinguishing features here is that all of our members feel comfortable "just being themselves."

When you visit our congregation, you will see Christians who come to worship God as they are, not pretending to be something that they are not. Sometimes that means there are some rough edges evident, but that's one of our wonderful qualities. We come together as a group to worship God, to study His Word and to encourage each other. We are all striving to serve Him and to help each other do so more effectively. With that as our focus, we can be comfortable around each other "just being ourselves." As a group, we have decided that our mission is to fulfill the command of Jesus to take the authentic message of salvation to the lost and encourage each member of the body to grow to maturity in Christ. To this end, we are actively developing our membership to be effective messengers of the Gospel.

We hope you will consider visiting with us sometime so you may get to know us and we can get to know you!